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Links from the March issue of Ohio Farmer.

Welcome to the Ohio Farmer research center. We are happy to link you with Web sites you can use for further information about the topics covered in the March issue of Ohio Farmer. Please click on any of the following Web addresses to learn more.

Page 4 Project partners;;;;  
Page 9 Budget key to final farm bill
Page 13 Best tool = preparation
Page 17 Tires designed for bigger iron  
Page 18 Serveon debuts data tools  
Page 19 Specialist sees hope for wheat
Page 20 Technology company touts world's smallest combine;;;;; 
Page 22 Tiger Power offers PTO-driven kilowatts  
Page 23 Find a planter to fit your farm;  
Page 33 Adjust rotation to fit the weather 
Page 38 Stuffing fills up hungry families  
Page 39 Cash-rent options limit risk

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