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Links to topics covered in the January issue of Ohio Farmer.

Welcome to the Ohio Farmer research center. We are happy to link you with Web sites you can use for further information about the topics covered in the December issue of Ohio Farmer. Please click on any of the following Web addresses to learn more.

Page 7 Manure handlers must be certified  
Page 8 Power Show Ohio coming  
Page 11 Let crop insurance work for you  
Page 14 Disease-rating confusion  
Page 16 Pull-behind tools add on accuracy thanks to Trimble  
Page 18 Look closely at soy traits  
Page 19 Try your hand at carbon credits  
Page 20 No cookbook answers in test plots
New sprayer  
Sprayer weather station  
Personal biodiesel plant  
Follow GMOs in Europe  
Hi-tech sensing  
Page 22 OSU offers classes about precision ag  
Page 24 Tire firms unveil updated models 
Interchangeable tires from Firestone  
New big tire from Michelin  
Bigger grain cart, manure spreader tire  
New liquid fertilizer applicator  
Page 26 Bioenergy support strong  
Page 34 Corn price spurs feed shift; &  
Page 34 Beef Briefs
Online calculator estimates yields  
Golfer pushes Australia grading standards  
University rates third-party verification  
Page 37 Dairy Briefs
Measure animal house energy  
Page 40 Eggs ease meal planning  
Page 44 Online resources provide corn info

TAGS: Management
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