Information Issued to Combat Meatless Monday

Information Issued to Combat Meatless Monday

AAA providing ammunition to fight false claims.

The Animal Agriculture Alliance believes the goals of "Meatless Monday" are not in line with the average consumer. While the public may be mislead by its clever marketing and celebrity endorsements, the Alliance believes the agriculture community should be aware the campaign promotes false claims about the animal agriculture industry with the ultimate goal of eliminating meat consumption, and therefore, consumer choice.

The Alliance says "Meatless Monday" is not just a grassroots effort to celebrate healthy eating but a well-funded radical initiative pushing an extreme animal rights and environmental agenda. To help combat the “Meatless Monday” myth, the Alliance is making available a collection of new resources to help agriculture advocates understand the myths of the campaign.

These resources are all accessible and available free for downloading and printing, from the Alliance website, under the Current Issues tab under Meatless Monday. The information has categories targeted for agriculture groups, college students and other foodservice and nutrition leaders.

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