Energy Audit Could Cut Your Costs

Energy Audit Could Cut Your Costs

EnergyWize, LLC, is providing farm energy audits for Ohio farmers. Using an energy management plan will enable producers to find cost-effective ways to save energy.

EnergyWize has partnered with EnSave, a registered Technical Service Provider for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, to provide farm energy audits to Ohio farmers. The farm energy audit, or Agricultural Energy Management Plan, will help uncover opportunities for farmers to reduce their ever-increasing energy costs, and will prioritize the most cost effective ways to save energy on the farm.

EnSave Training Coordinator Mitch Graves, recently led an intensive three-day training seminar hosted by Homan Inc. of Maria Stein, that combined both classroom and on-farm training to certify the EnergyWize staff as certified data collectors. Until now, there were no certified energy data collectors located in Ohio, which made it challenging for Ohio farmers to participate in the AgEMP program.

The AgEMP program is funded by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services Environmental Quality Incentives Program. This means farmers can receive an energy audit at a greatly reduced cost, and may be able to unlock additional funding opportunities for farm efficiency. Farm energy audits are a key tool to help farmers increase the energy efficiency of their operation. It shows them what will work for their farm now, in addition to giving them a plan for the future.

Farmers must apply at their local USDA/NRCS offices by either the March 30 or June 1, 2012 deadlines to receive an AgEMP contract for this year.

For additional information please contact your local USDA/NRCS office, or call the EnergyWize office at 937-470-6825 or Roger Hummel direct at 937-459-9778.

EnSave is the leading agricultural efficiency consulting firm in the United States. We help our clients achieve their energy efficiency goals while also helping farmers save energy and reduce their environmental impact. The inspiration of our work is the hard working men and women on the farm, and we strive to provide solutions that strengthen the farm and provide long-term viability. For more go to

EnergyWize is focused on delivering practical solutions for lower energy costs, providing greater comfort, and addressing environmental challenges for residential, commercial and agricultural customers. Our company provides economically, environmentally and socially sustainable improvements starting with energy analysis, prescribing conservation methods, supplying energy saving products, and using alternative energy sources such as Solar photovoltaic power and Solar produced hot water. More information is available at

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