Ag Day Celebrates Exports

Ag Day Celebrates Exports

David T. Daniels, director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture, offers his leadership and support for international trade efforts during the Ag Day festivities at Feed the World Headquarters in Sabina.

David Daniels the new director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture, talked about the value of Ohio exports at the annual Ag Day celebration in Fayette County last month. His comments are featured on the cover of this publication. The director visited the Feeding the World site and toured the Central Ohio Logistics Center and Bluegrass Soybeans.

EXCLUSIVE DEAL: Bluegrass Farms has been named the exclusive provider of identity-preserved non-GMO soybeans for South Korea.

"Ohio exported over $2.5 billion of agricultural products in fiscal year 2010," says Ian Sheldon OSU agricultural economist, citing data from the Economic Research Service at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. "If you look at the data, exports are quite an important part of Ohio farmers' revenues, particularly for soybeans, feed grains, and to a lesser extent wheat and wheat products."

"Looking at overall farm receipts in the state, if we do the math our total export value is about a third of our total income," he said. "We export a pretty large proportion of our soybeans. Over half of the value of farm receipts from soybeans and soy products produced in the state come from exports."

Sheldon said according to data from USDA, Ohio is the 6th largest state exporter in terms of value of soybeans and soybean value in the country, and the 9th largest state exporter of feed grains.

Here are so more photos of what went on at the Ag Day celebration in Fayette County.

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