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BEEF DEMAND: OBC engages with Ohio’s producers and consumers to strengthen the demand for beef.

Ohio Beef Council to visit auction markets across state

Council will attend three sale days and provide lunch.

The Ohio Beef Council will be visiting with beef producers at auction markets across Ohio during October.

Beef producers are encouraged to attend to learn how checkoff dollars are invested to increase beef demand through programs of promotion, research and education.

OBC will be present on the weekly sale day at Muskingum Livestock Auction Co. on Oct. 25, Union Stock Yards on Oct. 26 and Creston Auction Market on Oct. 30. A beef lunch will be provided, courtesy of the Ohio Beef Council.

For more information about the events, call the office at 614-873-6736.

OBC engages with Ohio’s producers and consumers to strengthen the demand for beef, with the goal of maintaining the profitability and growth of Ohio’s beef industry. It is part of a coordinated state and national marketing effort funded by beef producers through the beef checkoff program.

OBC collects the $2 per head beef checkoff each time cattle are sold. Fifty cents of the federal dollar is invested in national beef demand building programs by the Cattlemen’s Beef Board. The remaining 50 cents and the state $1 are invested in Ohio by OBC. The organization is directed by a 15-member operating committee of cattle producers appointed by the Ohio Director of Agriculture, representing the state’s beef, dairy and veal producers.

The operating committee directs the investment of state checkoff funds to extend beef’s presence in Ohio’s schools, conduct public relations outreach and farm tours for Ohio’s food professionals, directly connect with consumers through spokesperson training programs, provide nutrition seminars for health professionals, and develop a greater statewide media presence through radio, print and social media, all which help to reach Ohio’s 11.5 million consumers with a beef message.

Source: OBC

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